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Cryotherapy can be practised by licensed practitioners only. Please note that laws & restrictions on
who may practice cryotherapy may differ between countries & states.

A treatment with a CryoIQ device can easily be incorporated in a busy practice as no pre- or posttreatment care is needed. In general, a treatment with cryotherapy with cryo shouldn’t last more than a minute, even sometimes it is a matter of seconds, all depending on the kind of lesion. (See treatment times page)

The morphology of a lesion determines the freezing time. Often a skin disorder can be removed in 1 treatment, whereas a freeze-thaw-freeze cycle in such treatment is a standard within cryotherapy. A follow-up visit should be scheduled in a time frame of 2-3 weeks after the treatment in order to see the results.

The standard non contact tip provides immediate and direct coldness to the skin. The contact tip needs to cool down before being applied to the skin. We recomend the contact tip for use near sensitive areas of of the body (ie eyes) as there is no splash or for treatment of larger areas. 

With the use of nitrous oxide as a nitrogen the risk of scarring is very limited to non-existing as the penetration depth is max 5mm. The freezing temperature of nitrous oxide is -89°C/-128°F and as such considerably less as the boiling point of liquid nitrogen -196°C/-346°F. The latter is well known for the risk of scars and blisters. Cryotherapy has to be performed by educated licensed professionals and the treatment time shouldn’t be overdone. Cryotherapy is known for its excellent aesthetic results.

A treatment which has been done too long in time and too deep may cause a blister. The latter can be covered with a band aid.

CryoIQ offers 3 cartridges with 16g, 25g and 40g contents of nitrous oxide. The diameter of the applicator determines the amount of gas sprayed per second to cover the surface of the lesion as the thickness of the lesion determines the seconds of freezing time. For instance, a superficial lesion of 1mm thickness may take 5 seconds of freeze whereas a large wart may need 20-25 seconds of freeze. In general, with a standard applicator attached to the device a 16g cartridge will have an average of 240 seconds of freeze, a 25 cartridge 360 seconds and a 40g cartridge around 600 seconds.

In average the shelf life of the cartridges is two years. After one year of storage, the cartridges will have had a gas loss of <1% due to technical reasons. The cartridges are considered consumer commodities and as such storage is simple. They have to be stored at room temperature (Not above 50°C/122°F).

Our cartridges with a built-in filter contain sterile gas (medicinal gas sterile-filtered to 5 μ, free of detritus).

  • Nitrous oxide as the nitrogen with a constant freezing temperature of -89°C/-128°F.
  • A constant freezing power of 50bar/725psi until the cartridge is empty.
  • A variety of spray applicators which can cover lesion surfaces in the range of 1-22mm with liquid spray freezing.
  • Contact applicators with predetermined surface treatment areas of 1,3 and 5mm.
  • A refrigerating capacity around 18-22 watt.
  • A freezing speed around 100k/min.
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