CryoIQ Gas Cartridges
CryoIQ N2O Gas Cartridges with Oxiblock Technology
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CryoIQ N2O Gas Cartridges with Oxiblock Technology

$79.90$999.00 excl GST

All our gas cartridges are equipped with a valve & the fit CryoIQ models DERM, DERM plus, PRO and Cryoalfa model Super and Lux.



CryoIQ N2O Gas Cartridges with Oxiblock Technology

All our CryoIQ N2O gas cartridges are equipped with a valve. The 16 and 25 gram gas cartridge fit CryoIQ® models DERM, DERM plus, PRO and Cryoalfa® model Super and Lux. The gas cartridges have a built-in filter, size 5 μm, the gas is of medical grade N2O.

NEW OxiBlock Coating

The new coating OxiBlock® on the inside of the cartridge gives you a contamination-free environment for the gas. With this technique, we are the first brand that can offer you a cartridge that meets the new upcoming Medical Device Directive.

What we have seen is that without our coating you are not able to obtain a contamination free surface inside. This effects the durability and purity of the gas.

CryoIQ N2O Gas Cartridge 16G Cryoalfa Cartridge


All of our cartridges are filled in-house. We have put a lot of efforts in developing a unique gas filling station that has the latest technique to optimize filling of cartridges. To establish a more precise and clean filling process, the filling station itself is equipped with nine separate 5 microns gas filter to ensure 100% purity. With our in house filling process, we have 100% traceability of the gas used in our cartridges.

It was important for us to find an independent solution where we could fill and refill our cartridges. We have a close cooperation with Praxair who is our consultants and manufacturer of medical gas, but more importantly, we have the in-house knowledge. Today we have in our production two filling stations and are now looking for a fully automated filling line, with a capacity of more than 500 gas cartridges per day to meet future demands.


Medical Gas

With our filling process, we can ensure that the medical gas we use is kept 100% clean during the entire filling process. We have seen not only once but several times that medical gas is filled in cartridges under conditions that does not fulfill Medical standard, then one lose the point of using medical gas.


The fine and precise thread in the valve requires a precise cap to seal completely. Our new cap construction is in fine metal and it has its own sealing to ensure an even better shelf life for the cartridges. The previous solution was a combination of a plastic cap with a small plastic stopper that was placed inside the valve. In some cases we noticed that the cap did not seal properly. It also happened that the inner plastic stopper was forgotten to be removed when installing the device. This caused damaged on the devices and a lot of frustration.


Shelf Life

Together with our gas manufacturer, Praxair, we have implemented a Just-In-Time system so that we can always offer you as our dealer the best shelf life for your gas cartridges. From the production day of the gas the durability is 3 years and with our system we never have gas older than 1 month in our production.

What we have seen before is that larger batches of production results in shorter shelf time for the gas cartridges. With our Just-In-Time system we have adjusted our production so that we never needs to build unnecessary stock. This system is also very cost effective which enables us to keep our prices on a low level.